Running On the Power Of Promise.

At JNAKS FREIGHTS LLC, our core values of promised teamwork, integrity, innovative solutions, accountability, are volumes that speak about who we are.

New Generation Family owned and operated.

Now that we’ve given you our best options, tell us when you want us to move your flight.

What We Do

As a transportation and logistics company, we strive to be the most proactive and dependable shipping, warehousing, and logistics partner you have ever used. That’s our promise to you.  Every customer, regardless of size, is important to us.


Move your freight anywhere throughout North America with ease via our consistent and predictable services


Reliable delivery to give you more control over your supply chain and move you forward.


Low to Zero margin for error when you’re transporting temperature-controlled goods


If your business needs a unique solution, we will have it.Move your bulk loads


We bring expertise into your entire operation to help you proactively plan and optimised delivery.


Less than a truck load,we expertly keep your freight moving and keep your business ahead.

Why Ship with Us?

We are a team committed to help our partners overcome the challenges that the economy and the market presents because we run on the power of our promise.


Let our expertise be your competitive edge. Our service helps you deliver on promises to your customers and gain peace of mind.

Experience Skills

We love a challenge. Whether you’re needing a one-time solution or a long-term strategy, we can ship what you need to move

Guarantee Service

Collaborate with our logistics experts to get the best value from our range of services.

Trusted Work

Our customisable and flexible shipping solutions are trusted our Partners

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